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The M E Y O U S H R O O M drawing is a psychedelic comic that contains over 50 hidden elements. As I was drawing it, this piece became a sampler for the concept of Whimsicalia and several other drawing concepts stemmed from here.

ep 1: "Sometimes 👁️ Feel  👍 a Clown"

Sometimes I Feel Like a Clown.jpg

The Adventures of The Girl Who was born with Wells for Eyes and Broom Corn Hair

Comic Series & Book in Progress

File Under: Magical Realism, adventure, emotions, trauma, story telling, make believe

This comic series details the adventures of a girl who was born with what seems to be an endless supply of tears. She is a half autobiographical and half fantastical character who will eventually go on adventures into other realms with her team of fellow misfits. This series is part of a larger project which will eventually be compiled into a book with companion text that will deal with topics such as fear, self esteem, bullying, family issues etc. The twist: she learns to use her tears as her superpower and, in turn, is able to help others through their struggles.

ep 2:
"The day she met The Boy
Who Ate Sadness for Lunch"
The boy who ate sadness for lunch.jpg

"Sometimes 👁️ Feel  👍 a Clown" Doll + Stop Motion Animation

Lacquered Paper Doll with pen and ink with water color and gold leafing

Hand colored .jpg

"Sometimes 👁️ Feel  👍 a Clown"

Hand colored print with chalk pastels


Note: hand colored prints are available for any of these drawings. If you see one you'd like to have colored, let me know.

Chuck and Chazz,

The Handiest Guys Around!

Type: Comic Series

File Under: comedy, storytelling, family, bike enthusiasm

Chuck & Chazz, The Handiest Guys Around!
I Miss Texas

I Miss Texas, Drawing & Song (Song to be recorded)


I miss Texas, where the swans all sway

I miss Texas, bats in bridges play

Pink granite walls line the halls inside my memories bound

Are thunder storms, firefly swarms

Days and nights that are just as warm

I miss Texas, cicadas in the trees

I miss Texas, thick air you cannot breathe

If I could mend one hundred pins into a map upon the wall

I'd choose my doll before I'd choose em all

Cause that's just the state I'm in

I miss Texas, where the swans all sway

And I miss Texas, bats in bridges play

When Hannah Left Oregon.jpg
When Hannah Left Oregon, Inaugural Buttercup Sandwich Comic

This was the first comic I ever attempted to draw, back in January of this year. My friend, singer and guitarist Hannah Yeun, moved away and I had this idea for a comic based on our friendship and many inside jokes that I hoped would lift her spirits as was going through some tough times. Originally, I planned to ink and refine this drawing into a more traditional comic style (which I had little experience with). However, by the end of the drawing process, I was too smitten with it's detail, shading, hatchwork and delightfully sketchy nature to change it. I reminded myself that I liked being different and allowed the medium of pencil sketch to lead the way in the redevelopment of myself as an artist. More mediums would follow.

The Process.jpg

The Process (More in this series to follow)

This drawing is a psychedelic interpretation of Chazz's artistic process that I created as I watched and participated in the making of his new album.

Boring Burr Rides Again

Type: Comic Series

File Under: family stories, music, psychedelic radio transmissions, memories

Boring Burr Rides again is based upon

the revival of a childhood comic series my

sister Sarah Barlow and I wrote over the

course of several years growing up.


Our drawings were comical sketches and silly Bic pen renditions of our step-grandpa Burr on various sticky notes and letterheads found around my grandmother's house. We had mischievously (yet lovingly) coined the phrase "Boring Burr" after Burr took us on some errands we considered especially boring (like getting his truck detailed at the Jiffy Car Wash).

We didn't realize our drawings would be considered comics-- it was just a way to pass the time on slow Sunday afternoons. What we liked most about the idea was that it made our grandmother laugh.


After many requests for a BB revival, I decided to share my interpretation of a tale Burr told me when I was 12 years old.

In Boring Burr Rides Again, Burr's story is told

in a new (and less boring) light as my childhood memories run through the filter of my adult brain and my adult sense of appreciation.

As I illustrated this story, I marveled at how this song influenced and inspired countless of others in my grandparents' generation and changed the course of history as droves of artists, musicians and young adventurers poured into the west coast.

Boring Burr Rides Again.jpg
Boring Burr scans.jpeg

Boring Burr - Originals

For context, and for fun, here are just a few selections from the massive collection of Boring Burr comics my

sister Sarah and I did as kids. These range from the mid 90's to the early 00's and come complete with Scotch tape from being taped and re-taped to my grandmother's refrigerator as the pieces stacked up.

Calamity Clamkins.png

It's my first vector comic!


Move over pet rocks, Calamity Clamkins a no-nonsense wise crackin' clam from Jersey is here. Bored at the office? This briney and bodacious bivalve will become your new favorite desk toy and bring you a little bit of sassy, sarcastic or silly clam humor each time you lift her shell. Make sure to ask nicely though or she might pinch ya!

These are limited edition and hand made so each clam is one of a kind and contains a unique surprise smart-ass remark under her shell.









Les Rav Magic Box

3-Dimensional Mixed Media singing box

I made this magic box as a gift for a friend. It is based on a music video and hand made props that I made for her music project Les RAV a few years ago and plays her song "Keep Following the Light."

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